Red Deer Doula Association

Crystal Tooker


I had a interesting road to realizing I wanted to become a doula. I have always been very passionate about birth and new life. I had attended 2 births and then my own. I gave birth to twins and had a doula for my birth. At the time I did not really know the benefits of having one. My Aunt was one and it seemed like the right plan for me. I loved giving birth. I was very comfortable and confident in the natural process.

5 Years later….

My friend got pregnant with her second child unexpectedly. She had a very hard first birth and was terrified. I told her I would be with her and help her out as much as possible.
One night at our guided meditation class I realized I would need more training in order to help her through her fear. At first I really wanted to become a midwife but obviously I could not do that by the time she would give birth. So I looked into becoming a doula. 2 weeks later I took my DONA course.

I told my friend to check out hypnobirthing but I do not remember why. I did not know much about it myself at that time. She told me that there were 2 kinds of hypnobirthing and wondered what one to pick. After researching we decided that Hypnobabies was the best fit for her. I took the classes with her because I was very interested in what was taught. I wanted the best knowledge of what to expect. What an amazing program! It covered everything! Exercises, self-hypnosis, partner work (I cannot begin to explain how helpful this part of the program is for dads!), healthy eating and so much more. During her birth her whole first stage was so peaceful! I actually had to ask her to come out of her hypnosis so I could time her birthwaves because she was so peaceful. Now she has a beautiful baby boy and I am HOOKED! I want to be able to teach and inform as many women as possible that they can too have a peaceful birth.

I am now a Hypnobabies Instructor. I am very excited teaching and helping women have conscious births. I wish every women was open to finding out how to make their births as comfortable as possible for them. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to learn such amazing information so we as humans can dispel our beliefs and let Birth become the natural process that it is.

I believe birth and pregnancy is natural. I know that we have been fed scary stories on tv, from our friends, movies and most other media. These stories create our belief and then our perception of how birth should be. Our perception then becomes our reality. I want to help women create new beautiful views of birth, so that they are not acting out of fear but from a place of confidence. I have now had the pleasure of seeing women decide to believe something different and have a very, very different experience then what we were once shown.

I hope you too will choose to believe something different!

Crystal Tooker