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Melyssa Robertson, SBD

Melyssa The Doula

Hello and welcome!

I’m Melyssa. I love roadtrips and travel, the mountains, food, drinking coffee, reading and spending time with my fiance and our 3 children.
I have been actively supporting our community as a professional birth worker since 2014. Since my initial training I have continued my education with completing multiple trainings and certification surrounding pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and bereavement.
I offer services in preconception, pregnancy, birth and inital postpartum, however my services extend to an all encompassing support role to best meet all my clients needs.
Working as a doula, I have gained a broad range of experience: working with first time mothers and beyond, single mothers, high risk pregnancy, preterm delivery, premies and NICU experience, natural birth, and birth where pain is medically managed with pain management, induction, epidural and cesarean; both elective and emergency. Trial of labour, and vaginal birth after cesarean, waterbirth, homebirth as well as births where siblings were present. I have supported families who have been under the care of Midwives, General Practioners, and Obstetricians.
For more details of how I can best support you and how I will add as an asset to your birth team, I welcome you to visit my website, or contact me to schedule a consultation.
Coffee (or tea) is on me!

Phone 403-928-0049