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What to Wear for Family Photos.

Shared by Deanna Nowochin – 1000 Words Photography

It’s not rocket science!!

Here are my top tips for dressing for family photos:

Dress for the location:

Is your session at the beach? If so, a ballgown and heels is likely not a great idea. If you have small kids, wearing a short skirt might not be in your best interest either!

Dress in something that makes you comfortable:

Are you a jeans and t shirt kind of family? If so, don’t go out and buy all new fancy outfits in a style that you never wear! I’m hoping these photos are displayed around your home, so stay true to yourself. Wear clothes that fit properly and make you feel GOOD!

COORDINATE, don’t Match:

Everyone wearing the exact same jeans and tops is something we used to think of first for family photos (everyone knows someone with the family portrait with everyone wearing jeans and plain white t shirts right?). The best way to prepare now is that we all wear outfits that are true to our personal styles, but coordinate with the rest of the family. I like to start with neutrals (white and black aren’t the only neutrals!! Think greys, browns, navy, etc) and then add great pops of color with accessories. It’s ok to mix patterns too. My biggest advice here is have fun, and avoid clothing with large logos or Disney characters 🙂


Ladies…… pull out your favorite jewelry that you never get a chance to wear. Add a cute scarf, let your kids pick out some great new shoes. Layers add texture to your photos that make them more interesting and take them to the next level and help us add those great pops of colour!

Deanna is a local photographer of her company 1000 Words Photography. She has been focusing lots lately on Maternity and newborn but of course always enjoys family, kids, lifestyle and boudoir photoshoots too.

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