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It’s official! This pregnancy will never end!

Written By Christa Duquette,CD(DONA)

Li’l Apple Doula Services

Oh I’ll never have this baby! I’m going to be pregnant for eternity! It’s never gonna happen!

Six days past my due date and cue a complete sobbing tantrum breakdown. I cried till the tears overtook me with exhaustion…. again. And sleep. Little did I know that I’d need that nap for the night ahead.

The due date comes and goes, and if pregnancy doesn’t already have enough crazy take over your body alien hormones and aches and pains, going overdue is like getting the shopping cart at the store with the wonky wheel; ANNOYING!!!

You feel as big as a whale, your as tired as a bear in hibernation, every minute the stretch marks change to another shade of pink and the phone calls and messages are relentless until you respond with a, “yes I’m STILL pregnant! I promise to let you know when this sweet little parasite arrives.”

Secretly you want to just hide and focus on willing that baby to come, but every night it doesn’t. And every night my hubby stays up late thinking tonight’s the night, well jokes on him cause now he’s the one sleep deprived on the night of actual labour… should have got a Doula… hubby would have liked that!

Eat the pineapple, scrub the floor, clean the flowerbeds, have sex again (for serious he says), drink more tea, Acupuncture, another crying meltdown, chiropractic, nap, what else can I try???? Still pregnant! Gah!!!

So for as many nights as you lay awake in bed at night convinced that you’ll make the Guinness World Record for longest pregnancy ever, I can speak from experience (three times to be exact), …. Know you will not be pregnant for eternity. But knowing that doesn’t make going overdue any easier, and so I personally give you permission to hide and cry into that pillow.

Practical Tips for going Overdue:

1) Ignore your phone and messages. Find one of those memes like above that says you’ll share the news when it is finally time.

2) Stay hydrated and eat well so you have energy for when labour finally does come.

3) Find a project or two that will give you a distraction while you wait, and hope to be interrupted before it’s finished.

4) Go to bed early and nap often so you are rested as much as possible.

5) Engage in coitus. Yes you read that right, do the deed and have SEX! Oxytocin is good for many things including helping your body work towards labour.

6) Talk openly and have good conversations with your care provider.

7) Go for a walk daily or bounce on a exercise ball or both, but don’t exhaust your energy running a marathon or anything. You’ll only tire your self out and be grumpy cause your hips are sore.

8) Call your Doula. An emphatic ear and words of encouragement can be just what you need to get through one more day.

9) Believe that your pregnancy will end and have patience. Due dates are estimates with variations either way of 4 weeks for a full term baby. Great hey? Just what you wanted to read.

10) Stay positive! Even when you feel like punching the daylights out of every clock in the house. I’m positive you’ll get there somehow.

CODEWORD: Oxytocin


Christa is a Certified Birth Doula of Li’l Apple Doula Services and an active member of the Red Deer Doula Association. Since 2012 she has been serving families and couples in Red Deer, Olds, Three Hills, Sundre and Airdrie. Together with her Husband and three children, she lives on a farm south of Red Deer where they raise cattle and crops for what will soon be the 5th generation of farmers. Recently she expanded her training to include Bereavement work and is looking forward to bringing more Doula services to her hometown of Olds and surrounding area.