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Witnessing and Caring for Families through transitions is the great art of being a Doula.


Over the last 7 years, I have had the privilege and honor to do just that in the role of a Doula. Offering birth and postpartum care, together or separately, I have been present for this transition of over 40 families. Just the other day I received a photo from a previous client of their baby girl turning 5 and thriving. This is a testament to my desire and practice to not just be present for a moment in time, but to build a relationship with the families I serve.


My practice as a Doula is wholistic in nature, training at Pacific Rim College in many different modalities and therapies including Thai massage, homeopathic remedies, and acupressure. I further expanded my education to that of a Registered Nurse- finding the ability to offer families a wide range of options and knowledge in either spectrum a great benefit.

Every family is unique- some I am present for prenatal sessions and spend a large amount of time building relationship and supporting prior to birth. Others have me arrive once labor has begun and remain until the calm is established post birth. Others still, welcome me into their home to care for their newborn once they have come earthside. Some families know exactly what they are in need of, others we take some time to discuss and discover a plan together. Connect with me via text, phone, or email and I would love to pour a cup of coffee to discuss what it is that you and your family- whoever you define them to be, need for support through this transition.


Be well,

Amber Thibault


Amber Thibault

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Registered Nurse

Amber Thibault Doula Care

Phone: (403)596-3764 call/text




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