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Chelsea Bootsman

Certified full spectrum birth and bereavement Doula, Certified Body Ready Method Practitioner, Breastfeeding Educator, Photographer, Videographer

Chelsea Bootsman Doula.Photo.Film

 & Pathways Prenatal

Phone: (403)506-5452 call/text




Instagram: @chelseabootsman & @pathwaysprenatal

Hey, I'm Chelsea and I am a mother of four, a wife of 14 years to a bearded ginger man, and a collector of skills!

My main trade and schooling is in sewing and garment pattern drafting, but ever since I was a kid, I had also been fascinated with pregnancy, birth and babies. So in 2014, while I was pregnant with my fourth baby, I decided to dive in and give this new career a go, and it's been life-changing!

Since taking my original doula training, I've completed many other trainings and certifications (which you can find on my website), and have also found a love for birth photography and videography.

     As a birth doula, I have a huge passion for pelvic and muscular roles during pregnancy and labour, and how all of that can aid in an easier and safer birth. A priority for me, is educating prenatally and helping my clients prepare both their body and mind in order to have a more positive physiological birthing experience, however the outcome may look.

"Having confidence in what your body can accomplish, the knowledge of what to expect, and receiving the support you need, can greatly change the way you give birth!"

As a birth photographer, I enjoy just being a fly on the wall and documenting people as they are, looking for moments and angles that are emotionally engaging.

We all know that memories don't always last forever, but photographs and videos can spark these memories, helping to round out your story. They can also be incredibly healing!

"You will never regret taking the photos, but you will always not taking the photos."

chelsea bootsman birth doula
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