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Elizabeth Stauffer

Certified Birth Doula

Breastfeeding Support

Elizabeth Stauffer- Labour & Birth Doula

Phone: (778) 349-0839 call/text




My name is Elizabeth Stauffer and I live in Three Hills, AB, with my husband and our three children.

When I was pregnant with my first child, pregnancy was a complete unknown to me and I was scared of giving birth. Our friend was our doula and she provided great resources and information during our pregnancy. She helped my husband and I have a great labour and birth experience and since then I have always been drawn to birth stories. After hearing a number of negative birth experiences, I wondered how or if these negative experiences could have been prevented through additional education and support.  

As your doula, my aim is to help you feel prepared, confident, and supported throughout your pregnancy and birth by providing compassionate care, evidence-based information, and a calm and steady presence.

I look forward to connecting with you,


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