Kaitlyn Boese


Certified Birth Doula

Kaitlyn Boese Doula Services

Phone: (403)596-2320 call/text

Email: kaitlynboese95@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaitlynboesedoula

Instagram: @kaitlynboesedoula

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Boese. I am married to my wonderful husband Bruce, and we live together north of Sylvan Lake.

For the longest time I have been interested in pregnancy and birth. In 2018 I started my journey into becoming a Doula, by completing my DONA Doula training. Since then, I have supported hospital births, midwife births, home births and a twin birth. I love being present when a family is born.

I graduated from the Donald School of Business in 2016 with my Business Administration Diploma. I currently work alongside my husband doing the admin for our company, Truck Tech Solutions. Working at our own business gives me the flexibility to be on call for births.

Despite not having any kids yet, I love being part of the journey of pregnancy. It is so important to feel empowered during birth, no matter what your plans are.


My goal is to help support you and your partner, so that your birth day is always a positive experience.