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Michaelle duRuiter

"Birth is not about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." 

  • Barbara Katz Rothmand, PhD.


Hello beautiful souls, my name is Michaelle. I am a mama of 2 and bonus mama of 3. Our family has 3 fur babies as well. It's a full house! In the summers we spend our days in nature, at the dog park, on the beach, camping in the mountains or at the lake. During the winter we hibernate! Staying active with soccer, basketball and bickering. My partner Jeff and I run a tag team operation where we divide and conquer the offspring, then come together to go over the daily play by plays and laugh over the blooper reels.


My doula journey started with massage therapy. During my training I learned about birth support and I was immediately drawn to it. I worked in a chiropractic clinic that saw a lot of prenatal clients and helping these mamas with their daily aches and pains further drove me to pursue doula work. After taking the Dona training I have been part of many types of birth. Each one is unique. The one constant is how amazingly strong these mamas are! 


Being part of your birth journey is an honour. Whether it is for prenatal massage or being present when you bring a new soul into the world. As an intuitive empath I am highly sensitive to the needs of others, through non-verbal cues, emotions, and energy. I am here to encourage, care, empower, guide and give you control of your inner strength.


"If a woman doesn't look like a Goddess during labour, then someone isn't treating her right." 

                                 - Ina May Gaskin

Birth Services

Michaelle de Ruiter, RMT

Cherry Blossom Wellness

•Mind, Body, and Soul•

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