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I am a mother of 4 and grandmother of 5, and I had the privilege of attending all my grandchildren’s births.

From hospital births to a home birth, to two in Germany with midwives in charge, I found it was a blessing to share this experience with my daughters and son-in-laws. Although my daughters felt prepared, I found I could provide a fair bit of assistance. I learned from each birth and felt more prepared each time. We learned together that we are more powerful than we think. These experiences led me to learn more about how I could support other women through the birth process. After attending training through Doula Canada, I knew this was for me. The more I read and studied about birth, the more fascinated I became.

I realized that with some support and knowledge, the birth experience can be empowering and can help build strong mothers and families. And I want to help make that happen for your family!

As I have learned more about the birthing community I have come to realize that many women and families struggle with those first months as new parents. I feel this is a real gap that needs to be addressed and consequently also offer postpartum support. This support can range from taking care of your infant while you get some much-needed rest, getting supper on the table, catching up on some laundry, providing a nonjudgmental listening ear, or really helping in any way that is needed.

My husband and I live on a small farm north of Lacombe and try to raise much of the food that we eat. With a background in agriculture and 5 years running a local food business, I believe that we are what we eat. Part of my package will be to help you put some healthy meals in the freezer for when your new one comes and things get busy! I also have some training in holistic practices and can help you with holistic strategies during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

In my spare time, I enjoy most anything that can be done outdoors. I enjoy hiking, canoeing, yoga, gardening, walking and farm work…oh and I also love cooking healthy meals for my family!


Susan Crump

Certified Birth Doula,

Postpartum Doula


Mother's Touch Doula and Family Support

Phone: (403)596-6799 call/text



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