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Proudly Serving Our Community Together

Birth, Bereavement, and Postpartum Doulas serving Central Alberta & 

surrounding communities.

What's the RDDA?

The Red Deer Doula Association is a Non-Profit organization made up of independently run doula businesses, providing individuals and families in the community with information about doulas and their services, as well as connecting pregnant people with local and online resources.

There is a focus on education and awareness within the community and networking  and connection within members of the Association. 

What's a doula?

A doula is a compassionate and trained support person for the journey of fertility, pregnancy, birth, bereavement, and postpartum.

We're here to help birthers feel heard, while educating them, and providing them with resources that they may need. We help partners feel involved, guiding them on how to help the birther. And we're always just a phone call away, to help answer any questions our clients may have throughout their journey.


What does a doula do?

Here's a short list of things a doula does or can help with (note that every doula is trained in different areas);

  • Fertility, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding education

  • Provides appropriate resources when needed

  • Fertility support

  • Provide praise, encouragement, physical comfort measures, and suggest positional changes during labour and birth

  • Support through loss

  • Partner support

  • Postpartum support

  • Doulas help keep the birth space clean, organized and everyone working together as a team

  • Massage

  • Placenta encapsulation

  • Birth photography

  • Car seat safety

  • Herbal support

  • Breast/chest feeding support

  • Doulas know the birth space, what to expect, and can help guide you through every step and every process.

Benefits of birth doulas

Cited from

*Actual numbers may be higher or lower than these.

25% decrease in the risk of Cesarean.png

How to hire a doula

Whether you're trying to conceive, already pregnant, just experienced a loss, or are looking for a little help postpartum, there's a doula for you.

How to choose your doula;

Step 1:

Take a look at our doula member profiles and choose two to three doulas that would best meet your needs.

Step 2:

Visit their websites and then email them personally to set up individual consultations.

Step 3:

After your consultations, message the doulas you met with, to let them know whether you will be hiring them, or going with someone else.


Reduced Cost
Doula Program

If doula costs are outside of your budget and not attainable, learn more about our reduced cost doula program, to see if you qualify to receive doula support at a greatly reduced rate for serices.

Become an RDDA member

Are you a doula within Red Deer or surrounding area? By joining the association, you will receive on going support from our other members, be able to participate in events, and have your bio featured on our website and annual magazine.

Are you a business in Central Alberta that supports the pregnancy, birth and postpartum stages of life? By becoming a business member, you will receive advertising spots on our website as well as in our annual magazine, and client resource packages.

RDDA Community Business Members

Check them out, they're awesome!

Maternity & Birth Clothing - Gracefully Birthed

Prenatal Education Class Pathways Prenatal Central Alberta

Placenta Encapsulation - Woodland Birth & Wellness 

Pelvic Health Therapists Elle Physiotherapy & Pelvic Health

Birth Photographer - Amanda Fitzsimons Photography

Keepsake Jewelry - For Always DNA Jewelry & More



Get In Touch!

Need help finding a doula? Message us with what type of doula you're looking for, and we'll get back to you with who's available.

Thank you for reaching out! We'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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