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RDDA Reduced Cost Doula Program

The Red Deer Doula Association believes that everyone deserves access to a birth doula, regardless of finances.

With our Reduced Cost Doula program, we will allow those who don't have the extra finances for a doula, to be able to hire one at a lowered cost.

To qualify for reduced cost doula services, you must have a lower household income, commit to keeping your doula updated throughout your pregnancy, and also notify her when you are in labour.

If you qualify for reduced cost doula services, you will be paired with an active or associate doula member from the Red Deer Doula Association, who is available for your expected due date.

To apply, please fill out the form below, to the best of your ability.


You will be notified within a weeks time, as to whether or not you have met the requirements and been paired with a doula.

The minimum investment for reduced cost doula services is $150, which covers your doulas overhead costs, such as gas, parking, and childcare.

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