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What's the Red Deer Doula Association all about?

   The Red Deer Doula Association is a registered non-profit society formed to provide information about Doulas and their services, to the general public and expectant families. We are a group of individual Doulas and Businesses who volunteer with the Association and strive to educate, inform and offer support here in Central Alberta regarding Prenatal, Childbirth, Postpartum, Breastfeeding and Bereavement options, as well as operating as a network for fellow Doulas.

       The Association started over 10 years ago around a kitchen table as a group of like minded Doulas came together to support each other. Over the years it has come and gone and been brought back to operation by doulas in the Area. In 2017 after a period of growth the members in the Association set about registering as a Non-profit Society to bring the organization to where it is today.

Within the Red Deer Doula Association, our membership is comprised of independent birth doulas, postpartum doulas, bereavement doulas, professional photographers, educators, specialists and a variety of maternity businesses to help serve families in the central area.

All current doula members have attended training through an approved organization and run their own businesses, offering a variety of services and skills in their practice, while networking with member in our Association, to help provide the best support for birthing families in the Red Deer area.

    The Red Deer Doula Association strives to increase the quality of prenatal, birth, and postpartum support by promoting services of Doulas and birth businesses that adhere to solid Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics. We strive to foster positive relationships with members of the birth industry in Red Deer and surrounding areas as together we serve our community.

Disclaimer: The Red Deer Doula Association Doulas are a collection of individual doulas running their own businesses. We are not a certifying agency and therefore cannot suspend a doula’s practice. We ultimately cannot control what other doulas do or do NOT do, but if you have any concerns regarding a doula in the association, please contact us. We do have guidelines that our Doulas are to adhere to and follow, but we cannot ultimately control their actions. We are not a Governing body, simply a volunteer organization. The RDDA believes that the actions of one Doula does not reflect the association as a whole. 

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