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Kaylee Wulff

Full Spectrum Birth Worker, Birth Photographer and Videographer 

Kaylee Wulff - Birth Worker

Phone: (403)506-9278 call/text



Instagram: @kayleewulff_

My name is Kaylee (she/her). I am a mom of 4 living kiddos: Rosalie, Nova, Wells and Callan. As well as 3 babies who I never got the chance to know. I’m married to my best friend Dillon, whom I’ve known and been best friends with since elementary school. Together we live in Red Deer/Central Alberta.

I was drawn to birth work after experiencing birth trauma with my first child. I spent a long time afterwards researching how I could help people the way I wished I had been helped during my birth. I felt like what had happened to me was my fault, and it took a really long time to accept the fact that it wasn’t. The system had failed me like it has failed so many others.


Since taking my initial training, I have been trained in stillbirth and bereavement, acupressure for birth, and I have become a certified CPST as well as a certified Birth Photographer and Certified Birth Film Maker. I will always try my best to stay up to date on all the latest research and take continuous education to grow my skills so I am able to help the families I serve better.

In whatever capacity that I help you in, it is my goal for you to have everything you need to empower yourselves and to trust your inner strength and intuition.

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