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Hey, my name is Alicia England, I am a full spectrum Doula.

 I took my Doula training in January 2019. I absolutely love what I do I am a very warm natured person that enjoys the outdoors with my family, out in the mountains with my family is where my heart feels happiest as well as helping families with one of the most extraordinary experiences in a lifetime. Birthing my two beautiful babies is what set a fire in my soul to love unconditionally and to always want to give a momma a family the additional love and support. Birth is beautiful and momma you are worth it!

Experiencing two births one without a Doula and second born with, I have to say it was such a beautiful feeling to feel that uplifting encouragement through my journey. Bringing my own babies earth side was life altering for me, you understand what it feels like to love unconditionally and the feeling you feel is truly like no other love felt before.


I hope to give families that empowerment along the way, to trust me and to lean on me in times of need. I don’t take over a partner’s role, but I will enhance his ability to be there by your side and make sure that he understands anything happening and that both your voices are heard within the birth space. This is your birth story nobody else’s it deserves the best care.

“My body is fearfully made, and it is designed to make miracles”


Alicia England

Birth Doula, Postpartum Support Person


Labour Of Love Doula Services

Phone: (403)302-7941




Instagram: @service.labouroflove

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