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One of the major reasons people may opt out of having a natural birth is fear of pain and if they will be able to cope.

Let's take a look at why that is.....


I want to affirm you that you are not alone in this fear and that I was really afraid of pain too when I was pregnant with my first child. However, I do want to bring to attention that there is a big difference between pain vs. suffering. I hope that this will give you the confidence boost you need if you have been wanting a natural birth but are afraid of the pain aspect. Here are some things to remember:

P= Purposeful – there is a purpose behind the pain

A= Anticipated – you know it’s coming, you can prepare for it

I = Intermittent – it is not continuous, you will get breaks

N= Normal – it is normal to feel pain


"In the words of Penny Simkin, pain is a ‘side effect of a normal process’ where as ‘suffering is a sense of being overwhelmed, a sense of being helpless’; this usually has to do with how a pregnant person is treated by those around them (Simkin, 2009). "

A doula helps you manage pain during labour through physical, emotional and informational support.

Author: Elizabeth Stauffer -

Elizabeth has recently joined the the world of birth as a trained Birth Doula! She completed her training with Doula Canada in the spring of 2022! Elizabeth has lived in Three Hills for the past 2.5 years with her 3 kids (1 boy, 2 girls) and her "ruggedly handsome husband 😉"- Elizabeth, and 1 border collie named Jeff! Something you might not know about Elizabeth is that she is a huge book worm and also a dance instructor!

Check out her FB business page at:

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